Redesigning the European Union’s official website

Carry out an audit of a website, suffering from a lack of readability, dubious UX or undesirable graphics, in other words, sites that deserve a fresh look.

We have selected and chosen the European Union website. In making this choice, we were aware of the stakes and the difficulty of redesigning an institutional site, but we were determined to take up the challenge.

Without an interface update for a dozen years, this institutional site relegates essential information for any European citizen. Our mission was to make them visible and understandable to everyone, everywhere.

Wireframing, UI research, User Experience

What does represents ?

European Union
28 member states
24 official languages
512 000 000 citizens
14 major institutions
1 700 000 users per month
3 000 feed-backs per week
New content every day
Créé en 1995, inchangé depuis 2011

Our redesign guideline.

︎ Inclusive
Without discrimination, every European citizen can claim the same experience on this redesign of

︎ Neutral
Our redesign rejects any strong graphic bias that can exclude certain cultures and finds its cohesion in neutrality.

︎ Clear
Without visual pollution, the user in search of information has navigation based on content hierarchy.

︎ Beautiful
Our work is inspired by the work of big names in graphic design such as Otl Aicher and proposes to Europe to adopt an identity far from the current graphic trends, to differentiate itself and become a model platform again.


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