Re-imaging the CRM workflow.

Imagine and realize the interface of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of a travel site: without worrying about the current identity of the platform. The CRM is used by Asia Online employees to easily manage the quotes and programs of users who order trips on their site.

UX Design, Visual Design

What is a CRM?

The first idea one has of a CRM is a dashboard. Even though it has proven itself, this solution did not seem adequate to me, a travel site not having so much content to manage, I preferred to move towards a more modern, more organic solution.

My main inspirations were, on the one hand, Invision's project management interface, which offers an efficient overview. On the other hand, Trello's drag & drop principle, which allows you to create, move, delete and modify content with ease.

Design principles.

︎ Deconstruct the CRM standards
Without discrimination, every European citizen can claim the same experience on this redesign of

︎ Oriented-object design
Our redesign rejects any strong graphic bias that can exclude certain cultures and finds its cohesion in neutrality.

︎ Atomic design
Without visual pollution, the user in search of information has navigation based on the hierarchy.


1. Research

User flows
User flows


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